Friday, December 5, 2008

Do you know where The Door is?

The Door

In a world that's lost direction
In a time that's so unsure
I was longing for a refuge
A place my heart could be secure
But, every day would end just like the one before
Until someone took me by the hand
And led me to the door

And the door is always open
For all who will come in
Though the path is sometimes hidden
With the darkness caused by sin
And though countless lives have found their way
There's still so many more now it's clear what I'm
on this earth for
To stand here and help them find the door

For every heart that aches for comfort
For every child who longs for love
For lonely nights that last forever
For peaceful days not long enough
For everyone who wonders what they're living for
Got to be someone who cares enough
To lead them to the door

Lord help me be the one today
To clearly point the way
Everything they're looking for
Is just inside the door

For those of you who have seen the pictures on the page, they are mostly of me, my wife and kids. When I first started working on this ministry a couple months ago, I argued with myself and some of the people who are part of my accountability team that I didn’t want pictures or even my name mentioned with the project. Why you ask? Because it’s not my name that I worry about as you read my thoughts. Sure, I share some nice stories of my life, but I am only a messenger.

The name that really matters of course is Jesus. I thought about putting pictures of Him everywhere, but I also wanted the music that I use as part of this site to have an influence without being overtly Christian. Slightly sneaky, I know, but I tend to believe that music touches the hearts of people and helps them find their way toward Him.

It did in my own story. My friend Alvin (one of the members of the accountability team), started helping me toward Christ after I almost died in 1992. He started taking me to concerts. He knew that part of me was seeking and that part of me was just happy to be alive. The first concert he ever took me to was in November of 1993. I saw Pray For Rain (later known as PFR), Cindy Morgan and Petra. Every chance he got, he introduced me to more music since I liked some of the softer stuff. He led me to Point of Grace, Rebecca St James and the artist for this video, Al Denson. I’ll talk more about the video later.

On April 1, 1994, I was coming to a break point in my life and he invited me to see Audio Adrenaline and DC Talk. Admittedly at the time, I was not crazy about AA (they have become one of my favorite groups though) and I was half asleep when DC Talk started. Have you ever had a holy shake? I think I did that night. During Jesus Is Still Alright, I was woke up out of my chair in the balcony and started getting into the concert. But the end of the concert was what became important. Toby, Mike and Kevin shared part of their testimonies and the emphasis was simple; God loved me. That’s right. He loved the guy who almost died of depression and loneliness in 1992. He loved the guy that came out of the diabetic coma and wanted him to become His friend. He loved the guy who fell asleep at a rocking, rapping show. I went home that night in the final days of a decision.

Five days later, I ended up at a church in central West Virginia. Invited by two of my neighbors, I went. I ran into a man that had influence in my life in junior high, even though I scoffed at his religion during that year that he taught my home room in 1982. That night, Al Lanzy came to tell me that my great aunt was back in the hospital and that I needed to leave church and go there. But before I left, he handed me some papers. The one I read became the most important. It led me into the book of John. John shared the life of Jesus and that he loved us so much that he gave his life so that I might live eternally. At 11:30 that night, I prayed that Jesus take what was left of a 24 year old man that had thrown two careers away (one as a teacher and one as a sports journalist) and lead him into what he wanted. I will tell you entering that doorway has taken me on a wild ride through a lot of territory. Fourteen and a half years later I can tell you that it’s been worth the ride.

Toby Mac writes a song on his Welcome to Diverse City CD called Stories. Yes, we all have one. Good, bad, sad and maybe a little ugly. For Christians, every story leads to a doorway of accepting Christ. However, it’s not us that is knocking. Jesus tells us in Revelation 3:20, “I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.” The more important verse is the verse before that, verse 19. “Those whom I love, I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent.”

At that doorway, our lives change forever. When we accept, He steps into our lives to begin the process of making us more like him. The process never stops, at least while we’re here on Earth. People might tell you they’ve arrived, but they’re wrong. If God told us everything that we did wrong on the day we accepted him, we’d never make it. We’d turn around from the door and walk away. Thankfully, he is patient with us. If you need to know how patient, read the Love chapter of 1 Corinthians 13. Jesus is love so everything that it says about love, you can count on Jesus for it.

If you’ve come through the door and feel like you still aren’t there yet in your walk with Christ, it’s OK. He’s still working on us. Yeah, me too. I’ll never sit here and tell you I understand it all. I just know one thing. Keep walking with Jesus.

If you don’t know him, find a friend that does. If you don’t have friends, then visit a local church. Most churches have at least one person that will come up to you and say hi and introduce themselves. If someone helps you to that relationship, let someone in your life know. I’d love you to share it with me and my readers, but do that only if feel passionate to do so. God will know and that’s what matters. Over the next week, I’ll add a few websites that you can go to as well. I want you to have every opportunity to know the Savior that I do.

Finally, I’ll say this. I want you to be encouraged. We’re all in this walk of life together. If you’ve come here for a friend, you have one in me. Thanks for coming in and reading. I hope that every time I find a song and the words I type that go along with it are an encouragement to you.

I love you guys!

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