Sunday, January 25, 2009

10 Songs That Have Moved Me In January

Hey everyone!

Usually, I have a video start off my blogs, but today I decided to do something different. Not every song I hear fits nicely into a blog/message and I don’t want people to miss out on some really good stuff. I want you to get a chance to hear some music that you may not get a chance to hear otherwise. After each video clip, I’ll write a little commentary on why the song is important to me.

Lecrae’s Rebel is an awesome hip hop song. I love rap music. The lyrics of this song are great. The spoken part at the end is what really grabbed me. “You wanna be a rebel? Grab and read your Bible. It’s the only rebellion left.”

Matthew West’s The Motions is a song that talks about struggling with putting your faith out there. This song will inspire you to step out and step up.

This song from Chris Rice is almost 15 years old, but Cartoons is a song that reminds you that it’s OK to have fun being a Christian. The idea of cartoon characters doing worship is just silly fun. Enjoy it.

Brad Reynolds is a newer artist who has become one of my friends on MySpace. This is his first video Anyway. The video tells a nice story and the chorus is powerful.

Jeremy Camp’s There Will Be A Day is the current #1 song in the US and the words of this song are why. The song is a powerful message of hope.

Brooke Fraser’s Shadowfeet speaks of maturing and growing on this walk and that in the end, we will be proven worthy. A very cool song. I also wish I had found a version of her song called You’ll Come. It is equally moving.

Addison Road has a fun video called All That Matters. The video is one of the better ones I’ve seen and the chorus gets stuck in your head.

A video from Above the Golden State that is getting a ton of airplay on Gospel Music Channel. The song is The Sound of Your Name and I love it because it’s just really catchy.

This was a nice video done to Natalie Grant’s newest one, Our Hope Endures. I absolutely love the video and the song proves that Natalie is at her best when she sings ballads.

Finally, a piece from one of my favorites, Steven Curtis Chapman. This is his song, Yours. The song with a simple title has a simple theme, everything belongs to God. It’s just fantastic.

I would like to thank all the people that do these videos on YouTube. They make some fabulous work of contemporary Christian music. I would like to know what you think of this video feature. I’ve thought about doing this once a month just to feature songs I may not have a fit for. They are all mini sermons and I just can’t let them get away. They speak so powerfully.

I love you guys!

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Scott McQueen said...

Thanks! Some good music here, I needed some new tunes to listen to. Great Blog! God Bless and Take Care!