Thursday, February 26, 2009

God Is Better Than Drugs, Your Love Has Been Like Holy Hugs

Hey everyone!

I want to start off this edition with some big “thank yous” to those of you that checked on me over the past week since I have not posted a blog. It is really refreshing to hear that you are praying for me. Soon after starting this ministry, God really began to show me how important prayer is in new ways. I never realized how valuable it has been for me and for One Man Revival. I will tell you that when you are sick, you’ll see how much you are appreciated by your local church. When the phone rings and the emails come asking, “Hey, where are you?”, that is when you know you’ve settled into a church that will be your home. Just remember, that love is not just the responsibility of the pastor(s), even though it is very nice when they call and tell you that they are concerned.

I missed a lot this week, but I made one event. On Saturday, I had the chance to see the technical side of my church and how they work their magic. It really wasn’t all that different than any other system, but Perry had a video from the guy that does Life Church online and I tell you that message blessed my soul to know that this ministry is exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

It gave me something to think about with the time I spent trying to rest and recover. I say that with the full knowledge that you never rest with three toddlers running around while you are the only parent in the house. I had time to think about some things that involve the ministry and some destinations that I have to go to during 2009 and beyond.

I had planned to take the series that I had started before I caught the flu bug for several more parts, but God had me trim it down to one more session for now on some notes I read from the book UnChristian. It is really a remarkable book and I’ll give you more information on that in the next couple days.

If you noticed a couple changes, then you have been paying attention to the page. I want to discuss these. First, I have an obsession with church signs and I found this neat little website that you can make your own. It’s so neat. I really like the new banner with the information. I’ll be posting other One Man Revival Internet Ministry signs occasionally if I come up with something witty or I see one out somewhere that makes me happy.

The other change is a touch more serious. When I began the ministry in discussions with my friend Peter Brown, I told him that I really never ever want to ask for donations to do what I love, that being write and talk about God and his love for us. I just struggle with asking people for money. You are to give ten percent to your church and IF YOU CHOOSE TO, you can make additional offerings to other ministries that are worthy. I’m not sitting here saying my ministry isn’t worthy, but I think your first priority is to your home church, period. Anyhow, for now, I have given you a way to help my ministry without reaching for your wallet.

You probably have noticed the WidgetBucks ads that are a part of the page and every time you click on them to look at an item you might be interested in, the ministry receives a few cents. If you buy an item that you look at from the link, the ministry gets a few extra cents. The incentive is that these deals are supposedly the best or close to the best on the internet to get the items. So hopefully by helping you, it helps me. So if you see an item you have interest in, click away. If it’s a good deal, then make a choice for yourself. I sit here knowing that money masters like Dave Ramsey would tell you to buy it wisely, so be wise. Personally, if you have never had a chance and are having financial tough times, Dave Ramsey books or classes might be worth checking out and no, Dave did not pay me to say that.

Anyhow, what I really want to reiterate is thanks. Thanks for praying for my health. Thanks for praying for my ministry. Thanks for praying for my family. We do appreciate the love. Thanks so very much for reading and we should be back to somewhat normal writings until my vacation in late March. That’s another blog for another day.

I love you guys!

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