Saturday, March 21, 2009

Review of the Make It Matter Tour from Avon, IN

Hey gang!

Yeah, I know, three videos for you today. I want you to be able to hear a little something from all three performers at last night’s Make It Matter Tour featuring Natalie Grant with Chris Sligh and Meredith Andrews. The first video is a song I’d never heard until last night, Natalie Grant’s Held. My words can’t describe how great this song really is. Someone did take a video, even though they weren’t supposed to, so the second video is Chris performing the song that he wrote and Rascal Flatts made famous in the country sector. Finally, you get a viewing of Meredith Andrews as worship leader at Harvest Bible Chapel in Elgin performing The New Song We Sing.

Getting to the show in Avon, IN was a little more difficult than anticipated. My wife and I left in plenty of time to get there, but neither Yahoo nor Mapquest’s directions were anywhere close to correct. Thankfully, we ran into (not literally) a driving school instructor and he was able to straighten us out. We made just seconds before Tiffany Thurston from the Revolve tour began telling us what we had in store for us at the show. So if anyone in Avon wants to give good directions to the two map authorities, it would be much appreciated for the distance driving public to your shows.

Anyway, on to the show. After the pastor of Kingsway led us in opening prayer, we were introduced to Natalie Grant who talked momentarily and then invited us into Meredith Andrews. Meredith had a four song set that included her top ten smash You Invite Me In and the song will probably be the next single, You Are Not Alone. The interplay between Andrews and her husband had a funny moment as he stepped from guitar to piano as she let us know that it didn’t bother her that he was better keyboardist.

Once her set completed, Natalie came back out to introduce us to former American Idol Chris Sligh. Sligh opens with Cry Tonight and his former number one, Empty Me, and then takes us to his single being released next week, the jiving Something Beautiful. He got the crowd involved in the song and joked about how we were missing an awesome guitar solo because he was bandless on the tour. He followed that up with a single that he wrote for Rascal Flatts, Here Comes Goodbye. Sligh then gave us a sneak peek at his next CD with a powerful song called I Am. He talked about playing his most serious song, then gave us a fun Rock Stars Need Money, giving us a look at the fact that he did have a CD and t-shirt table. He closed with his serious song that I did not get the name of, but it was a very good piece.

Before we were released for intermission, Natalie came out and talked about her charitable organization, The Home Foundation. She brought up that the organization came out of an episode of Law and Order, SVU talking about child trafficking. Amazingly, my wife and I could recall the episode. We’re big fans of the show too. Natalie then discusses that she began a simple Google of the internet to find out how extensive the problem really was. After this, she went to Bangledesh and witnessed the goings-on first hand. That led to her founding The Home Foundation. Even though I’ll have more info on The Home Foundation on this website after my return from vacation, you can get a head start looking at The Home Foundation’s website,, if you wish.

During the intermission, I hung out in line trying to go meet Chris Sligh while my wife tried to get passes for the post concert signing from Natalie Grant. She wasn’t one of the lucky ones, but I got a break by being the last person to get my picture taken with Chris as intermission ended. I think being funny helped me. I asked him if he take one last picture with another chubby guy. He laughed and accepted my offer. Before I went back inside, I went over and met The Home Foundation’s Director of Special Programs, Kathryn York, and got her info so I could get more info for you guys.

I got back inside just in time to catch the last of a worship set led by Tiffany Thurston and Natalie before beginning the Make It Matter set. Natalie performed most of the Relentless CD, but she also performed two songs off of the Awaken CD which I personally had never heard. These were Held and The Real Me. Both of these songs were totally awesome and if I had had a few minutes after the show, I probably would’ve bought Awaken with one of the Make It Matter shirts (thanks honey). She ended the show with bringing all the performers back on stage to do a powerful version of the song Chris Tomlin made famous, God of This City. Like me, most of the crowd wasn’t ready to leave, so Natalie came back out for an encore and performed In Christ Alone.

As we were heading out, you could hear how happy people were with the show and for me and my wife, it was a truly great show and the first one we’ve been able to go to together in our nearly six and a half years of marriage. It was definitely worth the night out and the four hours of drive time that we had together, two hours each way.

For anyone that gets the chance to go see the Make It Matter tour, it is definitely a must do. I know on a local level that several people from my home church are heading to Marysville on April 3rd to see the show there. Unfortunately, we’ll be driving back from vacation or I’d be tempted to go see the show again.

Natalie Grant on stage

me and Chris Sligh

I love you guys!

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