Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday's Terrific Ten and a Big Thank You

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Hey gang!

It’s been over a week since I’ve had time to write anything down for the blog. I hope you enjoyed the video yesterday telling you where I will be on Friday night and I hope you enjoy the two today. It’s been three months since I joined Networked Blogs on Facebook and I’ve seen it grow to 60 subscribers now reading and that’s fantastic. The second video is a song I have loved ever since it came out almost a decade ago from Carman. Carman’s theology doesn’t always agree with mine, but the man can put words and beat together to produce great songs.

Today I am going to start something special. I really enjoy reading your comments and they do inspire me to keep writing, but I also love to read other bloggers that have great ideas. My blogging friend Kevin Martineau does a Friday listing of five sites that he has liked over the past week. He does it every week. So not only do I get to enjoy his blogs throughout the week, he usually directs me to five more great blogs to read each Friday.

So in honor of it being Thursday and the fact that I am only doing it today (I’ll start this as a regular feature on Thursday on April 9), I will call today’s links Thursday’s Terrific Ten. Without further adieu, here we go.

1. Shooting the Breeze ( I couldn’t start anywhere else but with Kevin’s blog, since he inspired the idea. Besides the aforementioned Friday Five, he also has a regular feature on Mondays that he is inspiring others to try and lose weight with him. I haven’t done so well. I’ve gained since he started it. This week, Kevin asks us to share what God is teaching us lately and if there are great things to be done in your city.

2. The Church of No People ( Matt Appling has become one of my other blogging friends as I find myself reading his stuff all the time. His header asks the question what would a pastor preach if no one showed up to church, but I promise you that it will never be the case when Matt writes the sermon. My favorite this week is a blog he writes about all the things he has quit. The blog begins with a video of one of my favorite quitters, Homer J. Simpson. As funnyman Ron White says that his granny talks about him, “That boy certainly has a lot of quit in him.”

3. Stuff Christians Like ( Johnathan Christopher’s blog series will be turning into a book next year, but until then enjoy this guy’s blogs. They are absolutely side-splitting making gentle fun of the church we all go to. This week’s funniest questions are what would happen if a fight broke out between Kirk Cameron and Bono and a thought-provoking “Do we always have to pray before we eat?”

4. Faith 2.0 ( John Alan Turner got me really interested this week because he began talking about a comparison of my second favorite thing to do, baseball, and faith. I still don’t think I could be a Braves fan, even if I lived in Atlanta.

5. Eskypades ( I’ve been reading Stephen Escalera’s blog since I found it. He hasn’t written in a couple weeks, which shows you I’ve been behind too. He gave me a nice hookup (and you too if you go there before the end of March) by linking to to their free book of the month, Donald Whitney’s Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. If you go to my church, it is a great complementary book for Tyler Sterchi’s Cultivating the Sacred Life sermon series running through March 29.

6. Servant and Steward ( Speaking of Effingham sermon series, I get a good Catholic perspective from my friend Daren Zehnle. A piece that caught my attention this week was talking about a speech from Pope Benedict that talked about evangelization. He stressed the two most important factors in his mind, your witness and the Word of God, something I can definitely agree with. For critics of Catholics saying that they never crack open a Bible, take notice.

7. The Idiot ( Jimmy Smuda talks this week about the 30 Non-Negotiables of Christianity. He takes out the obvious ones and goes from there.

8. From the Backwoods ( This one is more for the readers that are ladies. Leslie Harris Stock does a review on Lisa Bevere’s book Nurture. Sounds like there is something for all the generations of readers of this book.

9. Transparent Christian Magazine ( I’ve been following Jason Elkins’ work since I began on MySpace. He isn’t the only writer for the magazine, but he’s the guy that I really like to read. His article this week is inspirational for the time of year we’re getting to with a column called “Hiking For Life Lesssons.”

10. Ligonier Ministries ( I looked at this blog for the first time because I thought it had to do with the town in Pennsylvania of the same name. My childhood memories of Ligonier was Story Book Forest, the kiddie division of a larger theme park. However, the organization is actually based in Orlando and has several accomplished writers. Tim Challies does an interview with the author of Jesus the Evangelist, a book I am interested in and also gives an interesting take on how we serve in a piece called Served By God, Serving Man.

In other closing notes for this piece, I will tell you that I plan on writing at least one more article before my family heads out on the Florida vacation. I also plan to show some videos and write a little while we’re there. If you are in Avon, IN tomorrow night at the concert, stop by and say hi. I’m not sure where in the audience my wife and I will be, but I will be wearing the all-new One Man Revival T-shirt. Of course, I will definitely try to get a few words from all the artists performing for you while I’m there.

I love you guys!

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