Sunday, April 26, 2009

Book Review: I Am Says, "You Are..."


Author C J Rapp

I love making new friendships in Christian circles because different people have different things to say and they often help me think about life and God in new perspectives. I didn’t get a lot of time to sit and chat with CJ Rapp about her book I Am Says, “You Are…”, but by sitting and reading her book I found a lady very compassionate about helping women understand more about themselves and their relationship with Christ.

In our initial conversation, she jokingly told me that the book may be a little “too girly” for me. Ladies, this book really is for you. Guys, however, I may tell you to take a peek or two at the book. What you may find are some things that your wives, girlfriends, moms and daughters may need to gain a little knowledge on. Knowing that the book is a devotion designed for the female gender, I sat down to look at the book for little nuggets that I might be able to put in my mind for the women of my life and for you that are reading today.

The first chapter of the book is really the preface titled “I Am says ‘You are blessed for believing…’” Every chapter begins with a scripture verse and this one gives the reader Luke 1:45, “Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!” The foundation for the book is laid in knowing that there is someone’s word that a woman never has to worry about doubting. I think that letting anyone know that they have someone they can trust in life is vital. CJ lets the reader know immediately that God will be with them on the journey.

She breaks down each chapter in seven sections. The first is telling the reader what God says that they are. The teaching point then discusses how women struggle with that point. Part three is to take time out, think and pray about the first part of the lesson. The fourth part takes out the lies that Satan tries to tell the reader that deny God’s word of encouragement. Next, CJ gives you some scripture that you can hold in your heart to take the point home. The final two parts give you discussion thoughts, if you are doing the study with others, and a challenge to begin helping you to believe the word that God has given in the study.

Here are some of the “You Ares” that I thought were most important from my perspective:

I Am says, “You are free from fear.” In a day and age in which all of us have reason to be afraid, being given words that tell us that we don’t have to live in fear are essential.

I Am says, “You are beautiful.” Living in a modern society of magazines and television telling women that they need to be a size two are defeating to ladies. Knowing that you are beautiful made and that you are what you are meant to be can make a woman sparkle.

I Am says, “You are heard.” It’s nice to hear someone tell ladies that God and the men in their lives want to hear from them.

I Am says, “You are capable.” Ladies, never fear a good challenge.

I Am says, “You are protected.” This is a great lesson to know that God always has your back.

I Am says, “You are treasured.” Knowing that you are not just important, but valued is so refreshing.

I Am says, “You are royalty.” I know that many try to get away from the princess and queen thoughts of the world and this lesson does that well and still allows women to know their valued place in the family.

I could have said a lot more about every chapter, but I think I would rather that ladies hear it directly from CJ in her writing with a co-authorship of God. If you let the book sink in ladies, you will feel and know you are so much more in God and in your life. Gentlemen, if you think about some of these thoughts, you will value the women in your life eternally more than you already do. The book is available through her webpage ( or you can visit Amazon through the link of her book in my Amazon ad. Tomorrow, hear more about this great book.

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