Friday, April 17, 2009

Coming Soon: Agapefest 2 weeks away!!!

Hey gang!

Told you I’d have another blog for you today and it is to talk about events. The first is that two weeks from now, me and my friend Alvin will be with a bunch of others just outside Greenville for Agapefest 2009. The second is that CJ Rapp will be joining us here at One Man Revival on the 27th to talk about her new devotional book for the ladies called I Am Says “You Are…”. Watch the video for those events.

Now, I’ll add a few more places for you to look this week. The first two were as promised.

1. Kevin Martineau’s Shooting the Breeze ( This will take you directly to the blog that begins the discussion of the book Tribes. It is a really cool book from what I’ve been able to read so far.

2. Karen Power’s Christian Speakers Blog ( This will get you all the details of tours upcoming and will take you to the latest book tour, The Secret Holocaust Diaries.

3. Alise McCoy Wright’s Big Mama’s Blog ( The latest thing was the promo from Hulu about the newest Harry Potter project.

4. Matt Appling’s The Church of No People ( Matt is having fun with Televangelist Knockout! The finals pit Joel Osteen against TD “Get ready, get ready, get ready” Jakes!

5. Prodigal John’s Stuff Christians Like ( Topics this week include singing with your eyes closed and Zac Efron.

Have a great weekend and I may have another post on one of the weekend days unless it gets crazy around this ole’ house of mine.

I love you guys!

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