Monday, April 20, 2009

Countdown to Agapefest CD giveaway!

Hey gang!

Yes, this is the One Man Revival unofficial Agapefest 2009 Countdown Clock. Why is that important on this blog, you ask? I know you can’t wait for the answer.

For me personally, that is when I know the good time starts. I can’t wait to see my friends at Agapefest.

For you, it means you have a chance to win. That’s right. The first contest went rather well. I do hope most of you that came by for the first contest stick around and enjoy the website. But, I want to bring more of you to the party. No, I can’t take you to Agapefest. That’s not in the budget. My wife, well, let’s just say she wouldn’t be very happy with me. However, I can do a few more CD’s.

This time, we have four CD’s to give away. One CD to each of four winners. Here are the rules for this contest.

1. This contest signup ends when that Agapefest Clock hits 0:00, meaning 5:00 pm CDT, May 1, 2009.

2. You need to comment in this thread by then. Your comment must contain the following. First, you must give me your email address. I promise not to sell them to anyone. Next, it must contain which CD you would like to win (those details in a moment). Please only sign up for one. If you have multiple comments asking for more than one, you are disqualified. Next, I would love to know your favorite Christian artist and why. You can place a video or picture (please limit to one and PLEASE KEEP IT CLEAN) with your comment. I love to watch videos and probably so do others. Finally, I would like to know your favorite blog or feature of One Man Revival. Why this stipulation? The purpose of these contests are to gain readers, not give you free stuff (even though that is pretty sweet).

3. Contest winners will be announced no later than midnight May 4, 2009. I may not be able to get to a computer until after Agapefest, so that’s my reasoning. Plus, I might need a little nap after all that excitement.

4. If you won previously on One Man Revival (and for now that is only one of you), you are still eligible for this contest. Hey, I draw out of a hat. What are the odds? Depends on what CD she’d like to win.

5. All decisions made by One Man Revival Ministries owned by Frank Jenkins (that is me), 606 E Market Ave., Effingham, IL 62401 are final. Why? My contest, I make the rules and enforce them.

6. Any questions on the rules, prayer requests, suggestions for future articles or contests, etc, etc, etc., please email Frank at

Now that all the messiness is out of the way. Here are the Cds you can win.

(1) Brooke Barrettsmith self-titled CD. This features the songs Farewell and Father and nine other tracks. I know Brooke won’t be at Agapefest, but I bought the CD before she had to pull out.

(1)Nevertheless In The Making CD. This features the top 10 hit Sleeping In. Again, they won’t be there, but it’s still a great CD.

(1) Vota self-titled CD. This has Hard To Believe, Honestly and I’ll Go along with eight other tracks. They pulled out too.

(1) Finally, someone who is gonna be there. Fireflight’s Unbreakable CD. That’s right fans. Unbreakable. Fireflight will be there on Friday night and it will be awesome!

OK, so that’s it. Now remember the rules and enjoy the party here at One Man Revival.

I love you guys!

1 comment:

Jenndiggy said...

Okay, let's see if I can remember everything. First, e-mail address: jenndigg at gmail dot com

I'd like Nevertheless In The Making Cd.

Favorite Christian artist is Rich Mullins. Lyrics are amazing and who else can get hits with a hammered duclimer as the musical instrument he's singing to?

Favorite part of OMR? I enjoy your humor (The Christian life is a gas). Plus I just enjoy reading blogs of friends. Even though it's been over 10 years since I've seen you, it's still neat to read what friends are up to and thinking!