Friday, April 17, 2009

Prayerfully Minded Fridays: Are you on the Line?

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This video was some of Chris’ fans lip syncing to Empty Me. It’s really a cool video.

Today’s prayer thought is a story from Bill Hybels’ Opening Your Heart To God prayer series booklet.

A Direct Line

I remember something my dad arranged for me and the rest of the kids in our family while we were growing up. My father was a very successful, eccentric and adventurous businessman who traveled all over the world. There were a lot of people fighting for his time. When you called his office, you had to go through the switchboard and a couple of secretaries before you were able to talk with him. But he arranged to have a private line right on his desk and gave out that number to each of his children. He would often say to us, “Now kids, call me at work, because I would love to hear from you anytime.”

My dad died almost 20 years ago, but I can still give you the phone number to that private line. I will take that number to my grave, because I used it hundreds of times. Ever time I called I would say, “Are you busy, Dad?” “No, no,” he would say, “I’m not busy. Thanks for calling me, Billy. What’s on your mind?” Having that direct access communicated value to me.

Over the years I have learned that I have this same kind of access to my heavenly Father. He treats me as a favored son, and He is never too busy to talk with me. As a matter of fact, He is always glad when I dial in!

I laugh as I think about how it would be if secretaries controlled access to heaven. Ambulances may travel better than the wait times. I’m glad that all I have to say is His name and He is listening.

Things I am praying about this week:
After thinking about the military last week, I thought of all that protect and serve and attempt to keep the peace. So this week, not only do I pray the militaries on the front lines of war, but also the officers and firefighters on call 24 hours a day to serve and protect in our communities. Just as with the shootings of the three officers in Pittsburgh a couple weeks ago, those that serve our communities never know when they may not make it back home to those that love them.

I’m thanking God for the success of our Easter performances and sermons that achieved getting people to think about and join the family of God. I’ve heard numerous stories this week that are outstanding.

I’m keeping my friends Michelle and John in prayer and all the people that are traveling in Mexico or any other part of the world that is featuring some turmoil. May they come home safely and enjoy their travels.

My friend Cathy fell down a flight of steps and injured herself. Keep her in prayer that she heals up nicely.

Finally, I pray for any customer service worker that has to play nice even when they shouldn’t. My eldest daughter is usually a polite, kind little girl in public, but today she told a lady that gave her a sucker that she didn’t like that color. Her brother ate it. He enjoyed both. As I explained to my daughter driving away is that not everyone gives you something for being cute or a being a kid. Learn to appreciate the gifts that people give us.

If you have any prayer requests, feel free to leave them here in the comments or you can email them to

I love you guys!

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