Friday, April 10, 2009

Prayerfully Minded Fridays: A Time For Each Other

Hey gang!

No video today. Well, if you have been following One Man Revival this week, you have seen two of the three new installments to the webpage. Marriage Mondays will be talking about how to better your marriage or just tips or good ideas to help the romance. Wisdom Wednesdays is taking some words of wisdom from the Bible or a column that will hopefully make us eternally smarter. Today is the third new special day. It will be called Prayerfully Minded Fridays.

So Frank, what is Prayerfully Minded Fridays, you ask? I’m glad you did. One of the major parts of my ministry that really surprised me is how important prayer has become. I don’t think we ever realize the doors we open when we pray. Matthew 18:19 tells us that “if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” That means that if we can agree in prayer, God can and will make things happen. Mind you, that doesn’t mean that we pray for a million dollars or a sportscar or babes on both arms and expect it to happen. I know some of you out there and I’ll be honest to say that I’ve prayed for all of those at one time or another. God won’t let us get stupid.

But God does answer serious heartfelt prayer. When I began this ministry back in September, I asked God where to start and whom should I pray sees it. He gave me several places. That’s why One Man Revival is on MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, Livejournal and Shoutlife. These were all social communities where people come together. So by the end of November, I had opened accounts with all of them. I admit, a couple of these places haven’t been too successful, yet.

However, God opened a real door by having me go to Facebook. I had found several of my friends on MySpace over the past couple years, but friends popped up everywhere on Facebook. I reunited with many people that I went to high school and college with. I even found people I’ve happened to work with and hang out with since. The great thing about Facebook is that when you find people from your past, you tend to wonder. It’s like, “Hey, I wonder what so-and-so is doing now?” So you take the friend request and look. Then you find out and hopefully you see something that tells you they are still friendly or more friendly than they used to be (you know who you are). Then you build a brand new friendship here and there because of the great tool of the internet. I’ve been lucky to meet people from all over. Great people.

So one by one, I pray. What should I say? People get this idea that I sit here in Illinois and pray that everyone come to Christ. I do, but I don’t linger there. Whether you know it or not, most of you have more than me praying for you. I’ve become more of a reader since I left high school. There are two books that have shaped how I look at Christianity, well besides the Bible.

The first is a book called The Celtic Way of Evangelism. I read this book while pursuing my Master’s Degree at Greenville College in Biblical Administration. The book described how the Celtics of the early years of A.D. did evangelism. They brought people into their community and just lived their beliefs in front of them. There was no pressure sales. Authentic Christianity is not like buying a car. I don’t have to be Benny Hinn and go “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” until you buy in or run from the lot in terror. I just live as I live. If you think I’m real or the Christians around you are, you’ll eventually ask questions.

The second book is called Just Walk Across the Room: Simple Steps Pointing People to Faith by Bill Hybels. The book discusses ways to not be afraid to talk about your faith with others. Now, I don’t walk up to people and tell them my life story. Some of the things that have happened, good and bad, might make people crazy. I also don’t go long. Why? Because people tend to wind out after a few minutes. I’m sure you’ve heard the words Too Much Information and that’s the top reason that people run away like the knights in the Monty Python films.

Anyway, that took things a little off track and I think that becomes the biggest hazard if we are not focused in prayer. We start off telling God things that are important in prayer, then we go off on rabbit trails and God sits on his throne just looking around thinking “Hey you, can we get back to what you were praying about?” That’s what I hope Prayerfully Minded Fridays becomes. I’ll give you a little something that helps in prayer and then I’ll tell you things that I am praying for this week. In the comments, you can say Amen or if something is on your heart or mind, drop a line there in the comments or shoot me off an email if you would rather the whole world not know about it. My email is I do read all emails. If you want me to get back to you to, please let me know. I normally send you an email back to let you know I have received it and add a word of encouragement of some sort, depending upon the situation.

So today, here’s what is on my heart.

First, today is Good Friday and Sunday is Easter. For many people, this is the first of their two appearances in church for the year. First, because it’s a nice time to show off the new spring wardrobe and because Easter services are usually special play performances. You don’t have to sit and listen to a preacher for an hour. However, this is also an opportunity for people to see what Christ did for us. He died upon a cross, was buried and raised again to sit at the right hand of God. This is a prime Sunday for people to understand that Christ wants a relationship with each person. I am praying that all Easter services are able to convey the message of Christ and that many new believers are added.

I also pray for people that have gotten comfortable in the pews the last few years to see the impact of what has been done for them and encourage them to get up and be the light that goes out into the world that the book of Matthew ends with. The work is plenty but the laborers are few.

I’ve been praying for President Obama for wisdom. If you read Wednesday, King Solomon asked for direction on how to judge right and wrong. As many of you know, America is at a crucial crossroads and I know that he and every leader in government needs Godly wisdom to help turn around our economy and restore the United States to the powerful country that we’ve always been.

I’ve been praying for our soldiers. There are a lot of young men and women out there in Iraq, Afghanistan and in other locations throughout the world. Most of them never thought it would be this hard to help the peace. I pray not only for their safety and protection, but that they will be lights in a world that is hurting.

Finally, I pray for each and every one of you that reads this column, whether it just for the first time today or whether you’ve been a reader of mine since before One Man Revival ever existed. I pray that you have what you need, that you are safe and that you are able to share your light in the world. If you are a non-believer, I pray that you are able to meet that special person this week that would be able to explain the Gospel message to you.

When I say I love you guys at the end of every commentary, I do mean it! Many of you that read the column have been acquaintances of mine for at least a while, but for those of you just meeting me, I hope that we have a friendship of the sort that will help both of us be better for Christ!

I love you guys!

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