Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why do I put videos to start out my blogs?

Hey gang!

This weekend edition of One Man Revival is going to answer a question for quite a few of you. I was asked recently, “Frank, why do you grab videos off of YouTube for your daily blogs?”

There are a few reasons. If you’ve read my salvation story, you know that Christian music played a part in guiding me to Jesus. Everything from meeting Cindy Morgan for the first time to having a divine appointment with DC Talk and Audio Adrenaline six days before I gave my life to Christ, music was there. Secondly, music drives most of us in life. I rib my friend Mary Ann for all her pictures of Duran Duran and Alvin and I rib our friend Jimmy by calling The Eagles by the name of The Buzzards and calling Reba McIntire ribeye. Music touches us all and it is a great witnessing tool. The third reason for me is that putting songs with spiritual words or even Bible verses is a lot better as a take in to our minds than some stuff that is out there.

Now, people ask me if I listen to anything other than Christian music and I can tell you with a big positive absolutely. I’m not like some of my contemporaries that say that music has gone down the toilet since the 80’s and all the music today is rubbish. There is great music out there in the secular genres. I personally like more country and pop than anything else, but that’s what I liked as a kid and we tend to stay in the genres that we grew up with. It’s also why I prefer contemporary Christian over Southern Gospel. I don’t dislike Southern Gospel, but if you give me a choice, I’ll listen to contemporary.

There is a video traveling the internet that I saw on Tangle (formerly GodTube) that had two guys making fun of the pc vs. mac guys with one guy having an I-pod and the other having a J-pod. The J-pod only had Christian music and the other guy was mocking his effort. I’ll say two things about that. First, I don’t have just “Jesus music” on all my mp3 players. I have one that I take with me when I walk alone and it has songs like AC/DC’s Thunderstruck and Nelly’s Heart of a Champion (clean version). While I may agree with the scripture that tells us to “be in the world, not of it”, I think as long as we keep our music in perspective, we’re doing fine. I do have one for night time rest that has all Christian music on it because I like the idea of going to sleep thinking about things that are good.

I’ve already mentioned that my friend Alvin and I are heading to Agapefest on May 1-2, but there are plenty of concerts out there that are good for the soul as well. It’s too bad that I probably won’t make the trip to Springfield on Sunday for the Rock & Worship concert that includes a lineup headed by Jeremy Camp and Sanctus Real. It will be a great show and costs only $10. That’s the other nice thing about Christian concerts. Besides giving you positive music, it also comes at a decent price. Sure, I’d pay big bucks to go see Billy Joel or other secular artists that I like, but most Christian acts won’t break your pocketbook. The only downside, unless you are living in a bigger city is that few acts come around. If I want to see most shows, I have to drive to St. Louis or Indianapolis. Very seldom are acts as close as the 45 minute drive to Greenville.

The other nice feature of the Rock & Worship show in Springfield is that local area radio station WIBI featured a contest to make someone’s dream come true to open for the concert. We’ll all have to wait until the show starts to find out the winner, but that will make it that much more fun. WIBI simulcasts out of St. Louis or Springfield, IL, I believe, and has several stations in Central Illinois and eastern Missouri.

To close out this little feature, I’ll give you ten links to Christian stations and events that I’ve grown to love over the years.

1. WIBI-( This is the link to my newest local radio. The Effingham station opened in November or December and has been family friendly to my kids.

2.He’s Alive Radio Network ( This was the first Christian station I ever listened to back in 1994. It’s out of Grantsville, MD and they are currently looking for a new tower to begin airing again in my hometown of Clarksburg, WV.

3. K-Love ( Positive and encouraging K-Love Radio Network has a lot of stations nationwide. I know when I drive through Indianpolis and most of my trip from Kentucky to Florida, K-Love is there.

4. Z Radio 88.3 ( The safe for the little ears channel in Orlando. This was my favorite station in Orlando while I lived there and they are awesome people.

5. Agapefest ( This is the website with all the info on the event.

6. Creation ( This was the first multi-day event that I ever had a chance to be a part of in 1994. The great thing about Creation is there are now two events. The first is still at that cornfield in Pennsylvania and the other event is in the great Northwest in George, WA a month later.

7. Cornerstone Festival ( This is a week-long festival near Bushnell, IL and takes place the week of July 4th this year. This is an event I hope to go to when my kids get older.

8. I Tickets ( If you ever want to know if there is a show in your area, you can go here. They usually sell tickets to all the events that aren’t hit by Ticketmaster .

9. Radio & Records ( This is where I find the chart that I look at, the Christian Adult Contemporary top 30. I look at others, but I look at this one weekly.

10. CCM ( If I want to learn about a new artist, I normally look here first. This is the source to let you know the inside scoop of Contemporary Christian Music. This used to be a print magazine, but online has been the way of smaller publications and it is even more informative online (my own personal opinion).

So there are my ten links to contemporary Christian music. If you have others, feel free to link it in the comments. I’d love to learn about others. Some of them I might know, but they’ll be informative for other readers.

I love you guys!

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