Friday, May 8, 2009

Prayerfully Minded Friday: Messages and a Want Ad

Hey gang!

Last week, we had Agapefest here in central Illinois and I still am feeling the effects of the great time I had out there. The music was phenomenal, but the speaking from my new friend Bob Lenz was just awesome. I’m not just saying that because he became my friend, the guy is truly gifted. He does what I and One Man Revival would like to eventually evolve into, writing and speaking engagements.

On Friday, Bob talked about continuing to push forward even in tough times, “When the world tells you no way, we say Yah-weh!” I love that. It’s one of those that I wish I had come up with. He’s got T-shirts that go with that message. It’s so true and that’s why it’s so powerful, IF we take it and run with it. We tend to work more in our own strength and leave God out of the equation. When that happens, our goals are going to fall short. That’s why I said yesterday that it’s not just important that I pray for One Man Revival, but that you do too. I want to see this ministry do so much for the Gospel, but if I try to do it within the strength of Frank, it will never be as good as it could be.

He talked Saturday night about how we give because we got a free gift from Christ. I missed the phraseology so I can’t share that one. He did talk about how his daughter Joy used to sing Joy To the World and that led his youngest, Tim, to sing Tim To the World. That’s how we’re supposed to do it. We’re giving us to the world to make a better place. If we truly do that, we’ll meet a potential that people will be amazed at. I won’t sing “Frank to the World”. That’s why I put up videos with my blogs. I may sing someday. But I’ll let it be a surprise.

But his best message was to youth leaders. He touched on it a little in each of the nightly messages, but he hit home with in talking with the leaders. He talked about how much we need accountability partners in our lives. He told us that he gets on the phone DAILY with his guys that ask him how he is doing in his walk. He answers their questions and they close with a last question that surprised me a little, “Did you just lie to me?” The closest I’ve ever had to that kind of accountability was at Bible Baptist almost seven years ago now. I had daily conversations with Randy Jackson. We walked together and kept each other accountable. I’m sorry to say that I’ve never had that kind of accountability before or since.

If you read yesterday’s message, you know that I told you that when I began One Man Revival that I asked a group of people to hold me accountable in my ministry and in my life. I would like to say that all of them said yes. Almost half didn’t even respond. I have four or five that keep me accountable occasionally. They’ll either call or email me and see how the ministry is going. Unfortunately, none of them ask the hard questions. So how am I living?

So today’s Prayerfully Minded Friday is not just a discussion of ideas to give you things to think about. Today is a want ad as well. People always tell me to be careful what I pray for, so I thought long and hard before I ever put this on paper.

Wanted: Christian friends wanted to help a man walk with Christ and with them as a friend who will hold and asks to be held accountable not only for his ministry, but also for his life. Must be able to deal with a cantankerous, sarcastic, sometimes raucous, loud and always funny (but occasionally walks over the line of PC). The pay is terrible financially, but you will be paid with a friend who will be eternally grateful and you will probably receive sainthood in Heaven for dealing with. People who want true friendship should apply, acquaintances should also feel free to step up and throw in an application as well.

So, do you know me well enough to be that friend? If you don’t think you’re qualified, please, please, please pray that people that are already in my life step up to the demand. They could be surprised with the results.

Other things you might want to pray for today:

My friend Shelly from yesterday. Keep praying for her health.

Pray for the community of people that I run into daily on Facebook, MySpace, Shoutlife, Livejournal and here in the community of Effingham. I want each person that I run into to have a desire to change their world for the better.

Pray that our churches continue to preach the truth in love and if they don’t to start doing so. There are so many people out in this economy that are truly hurting that need our love and support.

Pray for our President and America’s government. This economy has put fear and trembling into people including our leaders. Pray that they use their heads and their hearts to make a better country. For those of you around the world, pray for the same in your country.

Pray for peace in the wars of this world. I know the Bible tells us that there will almost always be wars, but that protection for those in the fighting that they may hear the Good News of the Gospel and their hearts be changed.

Finally, pray for our youth. I saw so many teenagers that made commitments to God last weekend at Agapefest. Pray that these are able to keep the faith and grow to be tomorrow’s leaders that will make this planet a better place to live on.

I love you guys!

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Jenndiggy said...

Of course it was ICHTHUS cira 1994, but there was a kid there who did his hair with Elmer's glue. He had like 1 foot high spikes all over his head.