Friday, May 29, 2009

Prayerfully Minded Friday: Remember Global Day of Prayer May 31

Hey gang!

First, a short announcement. You are used to seeing Prayerfully Minded Fridays each Friday and today is not different. However, it will be the last of these. The reasons are many and I’ll toss a couple out here. First, when the ministry began, I never really realized how important prayer was going to be. To say I pray differently now than when I started One Man Revival would be an understatement.

The next biggest reason is that One Man Revival now has a fan page on Facebook. On this page, I can list a couple to many daily prayer thoughts. Why is this important? One, it’s a great reminder for me each morning of what is important. Secondly, it gives you a thought or two to pray for each day rather than just on Friday. In talking to a few of the people who help keep me accountable, it seems like a good idea because the flow is constant. If you need prayer or I hear about something that needs prayer, it’s much simpler to go to the fan page so that people can pray immediately. Sometimes, people don’t always go back to Friday’s blog to see what needs prayed for.

Finally, the Facebook fan page, I hate that term, but it is what they call it, is where most of you that are reading OMR are hanging out anyway. It gives me quicker contact to the majority of you. I’m grateful for people reading at all of the websites, but I encourage you to come join the Facebook page to be more a part of the community. I have put up discussion boards with a few thoughts including future topics.

So if Friday is the day that blesses you the most, please let me know and/or join the Facebook page. I can always email you prayer requests from my email ( if you ask me. On to the topic for this last Prayerfully Minded Friday.

Earlier this month, America held a National Day of Prayer. On Sunday, the date is set for the Global Day of Prayer. If you go to the Global Day of Prayer’s website, you will see that they have been praying for different concepts or ideas since May 21. Forgive me, but I was a little slow to see this or I would’ve brought it up earlier. The website is

Today is Day 9 and the website talks about how they are praying to overcome by God delivering us from evil. Tomorrow is a day for glorification that this is God’s Kingdom. Finally, on Sunday, it will be prayer for the world to come together.

GOD TV will be broadcasting online starting Saturday night at 8:00pm EDT and airing all day on Sunday from Washington, DC and joining via satellite to Brazil, Hong Kong and somewhere in Africa’s Ivory Coast throughout the telecast.

You can also access where events will be held throughout the country here in America. The closest one to where I am in Effingham, IL is actually in Terre Haute, IN. For the large following in the Kissimmee, FL area to OMR, there is a church in St. Cloud also holding a Global Day of Prayer service.

If you want to join the festivities by phone, you can do that as well through a service called Greater Calling. I will warn you that it isn’t an 800 number and if you don’t have long distance, it could be pricey. You can dial 605-990-0031 and enter code 777# between 8:00pm EDT Saturday and 8:00 pm EDT Sunday. There will always be someone there to pray with you during those hours. If you want more information on that service, visit

If your church is holding a regular service on Sunday, do remember to pray for Global Day of Prayer during your prayer time.

Also, something additional for prayer next weekend, the VIVA Network is hosting a weekend of prayer for Children at Risk. It is an organization for taking care of children around the world and protecting them deprivation, exploitation, abuse and neglect. If you want more details, visit

Thanks for praying for the masses!

I love you guys!

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