Saturday, May 9, 2009

Some trends at Agapefest worth mentioning

Hey gang!

It’s a whole week after Agapefest and I have one more article in me about it. This one is about trends. In 1996, the video above was a remix version of one of the greatest Christian rock songs ever made, DC Talk’s Jesus Freak. Debate with me over the best if you wish, but the original might be my favorite song in Christian music of all time.

It is 13 years later and Tait is singing with the Newsboys. I never imagined anyone other than Peter Furler singing lead for that group, EVER. Toby Mac headlined Agapefest on his Portable Sounds tour and Kevin Max is about ready to release another album. He’s even written poetry. All of these guys are now great in their own singular right, maybe not to the success of DC Talk, but pretty darn good.

While many bands have come and gone, these three guys broke up and have had success alone. I find it amazing how many fads have come and gone since they started rocking in 1990. Admit it, there have been a lot of them. Everything from it being the in thing to making blonde jokes to wearing your jeans backwards.

Here are a couple trends of fads that I’ve noticed at Agapefest.

The first trend is an awesome one that I hope sticks around. There were teens all over carrying signs about “Free Hugs”. There was a survey when I was in college in 1991 that stated for every time that someone is knocked down verbally or in any other way that it takes an average of six good happenings to recover from it. These teens are making a whole lot of people feel good and not hurting anyone. I think this is a trend that adults could use IF they were a little more innocent than the average adult. Hugging is popular in church settings and between those of the female gender, but guys for the most part aren’t huggers and if they are hugging women, usually outside the church, they aren’t up to any good. But I really liked this fad. I’m not sure some of them were impressed with my response. I told them they had to take my business card and come visit my website. I also took a picture of some of these teens holding the sign.

I had a little trouble with my camera this week, so I’ve been a little slow to put up this sign. I’m glad you teens are paying attention out there.

The other trend that I found interesting was painting on fake moustaches, beards and goatees. These kids are geniuses. I wish I had thought about that in high school. On second thought, people may have thought I was weirder than I am. Anyhow, the really strange twist was that girls seemed to be wearing them more than the guys. Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about this trend, but as long as it’s in good fun, why not. I thought about painting one on by the end of the weekend, but I think going to church Sunday and trying to explain might have been harder for a 40 year old rather than a 17 year old.

Finally, the funniest thing I saw all weekend. I told you guys that this was a mud bowl due to the rain during the week before. I didn’t get a picture of this one, but it was genius, potentially funny, and potentially really dangerous. I’ll explain. Three young ladies got really smart as Saturday night approached and brought in kiddie pools to sit in. Genius. Really funny. I hope that my friend Alvin posts the picture he got from them. The potentially dangerous part was that Alvin and I saw three-wheelers going around the festival, used by the crew of course. However, we thought how dangerous it could be to hook these pools to them and drag them across the mud bowl at high speed. Potentially fun but potentially deadly. Maybe it’s not such a good idea.

So now, it’s your turn. Tell me some trends that you see at festivals. Good, bad or ugly.

I love you guys!

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