Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday: Humility Steps Us to Wisdom

Hey gang!

For those that only know me through the pages of One Man Revival, I used to be a sportswriter back in the early through middle nineties and was a virtual sports encyclopedia to my friends. Sports were very important in my life back then. My television set or radio was almost always on a sports channel.

During my days in the newspaper business, I had my own weekly column called The Real Score. The name came out of a meeting with Shinnston News owner Kim Gemondo as I told him that I was tired of reading columnists that were kissing the figurative derrieres of the people they covered. Kim looks at me in all seriousness and blurts out the name. It became my moniker. People even began to call me Score or Real Score. I even have an email on AOL to this day with the name.

It became who I was. The Real Score was known for telling the truth. Sometimes that was really good. When I was talking and lauding the great athletes of that era in a positive way, they loved it. When I called people out for being boneheads and telling them they weren’t the best thing since the invention of white bread, I wasn’t always loved very much. But I didn’t care. I was The Real Score, the best darn writer that ever graced a newspaper. I actually believed that at the time.

I think when you take on names, you take the ego that goes with it. Your head grows because everyone reads what you do. We had a circulation of 5,000, and I believed everyone turned to The Real Score first. Sure, they read Harry Berman’s articles first. Harry had been around as long as Moses and was probably equal in intelligence. But after that, they turned to sports and The Real Score.

As the ego grew, so did my ability to offend. Even accidently, I offended a visiting club from Lewis County because I said that their 10-year old All Stars weren’t individually as good as the team from Bridgeport. They beat them as a team and boy did they let me know it. Trying to explain exactly what I meant really didn’t help.

You get the idea. Ali needed to step aside because I was the greatest. Months later, I left the position and within a few more months, most people even forgot that The Real Score existed. I still get a person now and then that mentions it and it makes me beam with pride that people actually still remember me from that time period.

I took almost 12 years away from a keyboard after that experience. Then I found MySpace in late 2006. I began writing about anything, and I do mean anything. I gained a following again for my humor, some of it near or over the line of good taste. After about two years of frustration in this writing, a friend sent me an email and told me that my writing was frustrating me because I knew it was not honoring to God. The friend was right.

Sometimes we really do need that slap in the face to tell us, “Hey, you’re not being true to yourself or to the God that created you!” It’s now been six months writing One Man Revival. It has become an honor to get up in the mornings and come to you with God’s Word surrounded with some of my thoughts on that Word. Last week, the ministry went over 100 subscribers on Networked Blogs. I didn’t have a blowout celebration on the webpage (even though privately I jumped up and down in my dining room). God has taught me to be thankful that people actually want to read what I write.

We haven’t won any awards or been placed in major competitions for the best blog in all Christendom, but the rewards will be someday. Hopefully as we walk into heaven, we see people that are part of the Kingdom. That’s my hope.

With that I bring you two wise words from Proverbs chapter 15.

Pro 15:31 Listen to good advice if you want to live well, an honored guest among wise men and women.
Pro 15:33 Fear-of-GOD is a school in skilled living-- first you learn humility, then you experience glory.

Thanks to the good advice of friends, I’m now living at a level of my life that I never thought possible. I’ve been reading a book from Stephen Arterburn and John Shore called Midlife Manual For Men, Finding Significance in the Second Half. It’s not a football book. I’ve been suffering from getting hung up over looking back at the earlier years of my life. While I have been successful, real wisdom and growth has come from getting older. I refuse to grow old. The book has really helped me take an inventory of how things are and it’s very nice to sit here and say that building this ministry is the calling on my life.

I may write sports on the One Man Revival site someday, but it would be a separate entity. God is my focus and my Saviour. It’s him I want to be glorified. I say it often because it’s true. The third and minor reason that I chose One Man Revival is that I am one man that gets to be part of the revival. I pray it grows. I appreciate that you follow my ministry, but it is Jesus and him alone that I want you to be true followers of.

I love you guys!

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