Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The How You Like Me Now Midyear Edition

Hey gang!

No video today as we hit the midpoint of 2009, I am looking back and looking ahead. Everything that we do in life, especially in the workplace, needs evaluation. Not all evaluation is bad. Sometimes we get told what we need to work on to make our job a better one and sometimes we are given that pat on the shoulder, the “atta boys” as I like to call them. Sometimes we’re told that there needs to be much change.

Fortunately, I don’t think One Man Revival is at a needs major change situation, but just a little tweaking here and there. One of the major good things that is happening begins tomorrow, July 1. We, meaning me and all of you that are participating (at last count it was 27), are beginning The Bible in 90 Days. There will be a separate blog for that. You can still come here and get normal everyday additions. However, if you want to get involved or just read along with the study, go to http://omr90daysthroughthebible.blogspot.com, or you can click the logo over there on the right of the screen. And if you want some occasional sports opinion, you can also click on The Real Score, or head to the website, http://therealscorebyfrankjenkins.blogspot.com.

I am praying about a direction over with The Real Score. I have considered and would feedback on this idea. Would you be interested in hearing from Christian athletes. What this means is that I send out letter requests and say, “Player (insert name here), would you like to have a place that you could tell believers something either about what you deal with or what you see as it relates to Christian life?” I don’t know how many players would go for it, but I’m curious if people would read it if I pursued it.

Anyhow, back to One Man Revival. If you read my January 3 article on We Must Pass the Flame, you know that I made some goals for me and for the website. The first two have been fails so far. Fatty McFatty (what I call myself when I break the lock on the fridge, has not done well in losing those 15 pounds so far. Actually, I’ve added 15 more. Not good. The second goal was reading the Bible this year. You guys get to be accountability from what I discussed earlier. That goal is a big check.

As far as joining with New Hope, that has been rather successful too. We’ve been there a year and a half in August and life and friendships are starting to pick up there. I’ve recently taken control of the Saturday morning get together for men at Joe Sippers’ Coffee Shop and my wife is working in the nursery once a month. That along with my involvement with the prayer and ministry teams keep my life hopping. But it is such a good hopping.

The bigger goals have been better. As far as reading to the kids, doing well. We read two books each night letting Megan and James pick out their favorites. We’ve kept the bedtime in check and they have been more receptive to it.

Working on marriage has been really good. After flailing the last two years, adding Marriage Monday to One Man Revival has helped in doses. I’ve been giving a lot of tips that I get from other sources and some of my own writing. Marriage Monday has been the second most successful thing running here on the webpage. If you wonder what is most successful, it has been Wisdom Wednesday. I love the number of people that send me emails about how good these two days have been. With Wisdom Wednesday, I try to keep the focus on the scripture, rather than trying to bring scripture to what I am going through or witnessing, and I really think that works well. I think that’s why a lot of you that read that will enjoy reading the 90 Days study. I bring the stories to the scripture, rather than the other way around.

When it comes to writing One Man Revival, I have gotten to a point where writing is happening 4 to 5 times a week. I try to have them up by noon, but that’s not always possible. I occasionally throw one in on the weekend, but I have mixed feelings about writing daily because I want to make the weekends more about my wife and kids. I will be doing the 90 Days study on Saturday and Sunday, but I’m also going to be doing that early or read ahead by Friday night so that I’ll be freer on the weekends.

So at this point, I know that I am writing with the following schedule. Daily for the 90 Days study starting tomorrow through September 27. Marriage Mondays on Monday, Wisdom Wednesday on Wednesday and topical stuff on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We recently completed what I think was some of my best work in the 6-part Forgiveness series. In any case, I would love input on some things you think that you’d be interested in. I’ve prayed about doing a day for women and a day for men, but part of me believes that I may or may not be qualified to write in the female position. I see guys writing on women’s issues all the time and I hear them make comments that just make my skin crawl. I start thinking “How in the world are you qualified to make that comment about a female issue as a guy?” I know a lot of women, but that doesn’t make me an expert on them. Maybe that sincerity allows me to write on some issues, but not all.

I’ve also had a few interviews with writers thanks to Karen Power’s Christian Speaker Services, but most of these haven’t even gotten a warm reception. I feel bad because I think a lot of these books have been very good and if some of you have went and picked up their books, I’m sure Karen and I both would love to hear about that. The authors of these books probably would as well.

For those of you that don’t know, One Man Revival has an accountability team. What they do is keep me in check. They don’t get paid and they have to put up with me. That probably gets them into heaven by itself. “You dealt with Frank, come on in!” I’m kidding, I hope. Anyhow, a couple of them have talked to me about guest appearing now and then and I’m thinking that might be a good idea. It gives you a different perspective to hear from and allows you the readers to see who is influencing One Man Revival Ministries.

If you look at the article dated December 29, 2008, I highlighted three areas that I wanted to focus on in 2009 with the ministry. The first area that I wanted to bring to One Man Revival is a sense of community among the readers. It’s easier for those of you here in Effingham, IL with me because you talk to me occasionally about what I writing about and give me thoughts. I love that part. Three of my accountability team give me ideas all the time. My friend Dick White and I have breakfast at Joe Sippers and talk over thoughts. I consider him and Peter Brown the two guys that hold the glue of One Man Revival together and they are probably my biggest mentors since the days that I hung out with Randy Jackson at BBC. My third idea supply store is Tyler Sterchi. I sit around the guy, he opens his mouth and I get ideas. Heck, half the time, he doesn’t even realize the ideas he gives me. I just sit in ministry meeting, take a notebook and let him go. There are plenty of others at the ministry meeting that give me ideas as well, but not as freely as Tyler.

The community has picked up though thanks to the great people at Facebook. One Man Revival Ministries now has a fan page and over 150 of you are there with me. There still isn’t a lot of communication yet, but I am hoping to fix that over the rest of 2009. One Man Revival has cut down its presence a little as the Shoutlife and Livejournal pages are no more, but we are still with the two most popular friend sites in MySpace and Facebook. I know I need to work harder on both sites to help the cause. I thank Blogger for letting my blog be at home on their website. They’ve been great to me. If you have other suggestions on how to improve our position on the internet, shout ‘em out!

The second was to focus on marriage and families. So far, as I said earlier, I am very pleased with the result of Marriage Monday and I know that in August or September, I am going to talk about a series on helping our prayer lives and passing that on to our children. I think the ministry is getting there on that focus.

The third and final focus was to help build better Godly people, starting with me. Just as the song One Man Revival says, “That if I’m gonna see a change, there’s gonna have to be a change in me.” I think there has been. I honestly say this to people all the time, so if you get tired of hearing it, realize it is true. I’m just one man in this revival. God allows me to be part of it. If you’ve been reading and changing too, guess what, you’re part of it as well. For that, I’m truly thankful.

I’ve been really fortunate to talk to people all over the world thanks to this ministry. Once I found Facebook, I knew talking to Effingham, Orlando-Kissimmee-St.Cloud, and Clarksburg-Morgantown-Pittsburgh would be easy. It’s the rest of the world that has turned the fire up even more. When I get letters from Ghana, China and Austrailia, I know that I am giving it my all to fulfill the Great Commission. I’m doing it just like Jesus, one man (or woman) at a time.

Sometimes I get frustrated because I don’t see the whole world lining up to take a little of what I’m offering. It’s a feeling I’ve had since the first time Mel Allen ever let me teach a Sunday school class back in 2000. There’s an urgency to take the word of Jesus to the world. I’m always nervous in the pit of my stomach before I speak or write about what God has given me. I want it to be right and I also want it to save everyone. But what I have to realize is that I am not working alone.

There are a lot of good ministries out there. A lot of them. Which makes me more honored that you come by and take time to read the things I talk about. I love it even more when you share with me or with everyone when you comment on the page or by email. I thank you that you send me your prayer requests. That you believe enough in the work I do to let me be part of your revival.

One of the great comments that I read this morning was from a New Man Magazine article with one of my favorite people, Arthur Blessitt, a man who has carried a literal 12-foot cross to 315 countries. He said, “I faced a firing squad in Nicaragua, I was almost stoned and beaten in Morocco, I was attacked by police in Spain, an LA police officer tried to choke me in Hollywood, a man in Birdseye, Indiana tried to burn the cross, a man in Nigeria broke the cross. I learned this simple lesson a long time ago. We need to follow God’s call regardless of whether people love us or hate us. God’s call is not conditional. It doesn’t depend on favorable conditions, warm weather or good moods.” He’s right. I’ve learned that not everybody loves Frank and One Man Revival. It’s OK. The message God has given me won’t reach everybody. The only thing I can do is pray that it reaches those it was intended for.

So I think we’ve done pretty well. There’s still more journey to do. That journey will continue until God calls me home, tells me to do something different or until Jesus comes back in glory in the Eastern Sky. If you have any suggestions or comments, please give them here or email me at onemanrevival@yahoo.com. Your input is taken seriously. You are taken seriously here. So come on, a One Man Revival is never intended to stay that way, but it always begins with you.

I love you guys!

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