Monday, June 22, 2009

Marriage Monday: 10 Ways To Please Your Wife

Hey gang!

I know that yesterday was Father’s Day and I hope to write about how great mine was later today. The above video is a shortened version of what I believe is the greatest Father’s Day song I’ve ever heard, Phillips, Craig and Dean’s I Want to Be Just Like You.

In today’s edition, I want to give you a list of 10 things to make your wife see you as more attractive. These come from an article in New Man eMagazine. The article is written by Doug Weiss and is called Top 10 Ways to Please Your Wife. These are the 10 things below with a little commentary from me on each.

1. Put the kids to bed. I’ve been doing this for most of my children’s lives and it has become ritual that she reads them a book on the couch and then I put them in bed. Especially taking Maggie up the steps to her room so that she doesn’t have to has made her happy.

2. Do the laundry. This job is bigger than it sounds. This does not just mean throw it into the washer and leave it there. It has to dry. Big note here: DO NOT leave clothes in the washer for more than a day, really try to move them ASAP when they are done. They get a whole new funky smell that you don’t want them to have if you don’t.

3. Say kind words. It’s more than complementing “the girls” and not so much about what she wears. The way to a man’s heart may be through his stomach, but for the ladies, to hear they are special for doing the simple things make her day.

4. Skip TV for a couple days. This is easier in the summertime because everything is in rerun. Praise God for TIVO or DVR’s, whichever you have.

5. Don’t finish her sentences. You may know what she’s thinking, but don’t tell her. Women hate that. Let them have a thought now and then and give her credit for it. They let us look smart more than we deserve.

6. Do at least two “honey dos”. Does your wife like lists? Mine loves them. If she couldn’t make lists of things to do, the world would end. Instead of tossing them, doing a few things really makes her think you are her strong and wise man!

7. Share a couple of feelings with her, except feelings like arousal. There are misconceptions out there that women like the strong and silent type, but sometimes women get happy about a man that can share his vulnerability with her.

8. Give her a few compliments early in the day and not right before sex. Kind of like number 3, but this is where you can tell her about her eyes, outfits and such.

9. Don’t grope her, hold her hand. We’ve been married almost seven years and she loves to go to Wal-Mart and have me hold her hand. It’s something that women never get over. I know you like your pockets, but take the hands out once in a while, guys.

10. Look her in the eyes when she is talking to you and don’t walk away in the middle of her sentence. Every once in a while, my wife talks to me as I am typing. The night she tried to close my laptop on my hands fixed that little mistake. When women like to talk, they want your attention, not your afterthoughts.

I love you guys!

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