Sunday, July 19, 2009

Marriage Monday: 7 Ways To Bring Peace & Purpose to Your Marriage (thanks to Encourage Your Spouse)

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Today’s Marriage Monday is a rather short piece of advice given from Encourage Your Spouse. Their website is located at ( It is a website ran by Lori and Robert Ferguson and they are in the process of writing a book of the same name. I encourage you to go and give the website a look. Below are their seven ways to bring peace and purpose into your marriage.

1.Inspiring your spouse with Hope will influence your future.

2. Fortifying your spouse with Faith will build up your relationship with God.

3. Fostering your spouse with Unconditional Love will weave your marriage tightly together.

4. Uplifting your spouse with Persistent Prayer will bring release every day.

5. Supporting your spouse with Joy-filled Zeal will create a blueprint to shape your life.

6. Stimulating your spouse with New Insight will energize your conversations.

7. Validating your spouse with Intimate Knowledge will deepen your connection.

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