Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who knew we'd be in the book?

The video choice today is from Michael O’ Brien, one of my favorites. This was his first video. It was the song that hooked me to buy pretty much every CD he’s ever done.

Hey gang!

It’s been a week since Michael Jackson’s death and I think that most people are tired of hearing about it. Unfortunately, we are nowhere near the end of this train wreck. The media has sunk their teeth in and will not give up this story for a while. There are probably many books to be written and I think I can say that most of them will not be flattering.

The idea of having all this in book form is sometimes downright scary. You know inquiring minds will want to know and there are sure to be millionaires made from all of this. But you have to wonder, if people knew that their lives would be taken in written form if they might have lived their lives differently.

You think about Michael, especially the years of what people considered crazy in his life. Everything from the nose changing, the skin getting lighter (even though that couldn’t be helped), the charges of molestation, holding his child out of the window. I’m sure there are others, but because of who he was is why we’ll remember them. But for how long?

Ecclesiastes 2:16 says, “For the wise man, like the fool, will not be long remembered; in the days to come both will be forgotten. Like the fool, the wise man must die.”

I’m not sitting here calling Michael Jackson a fool. I am saying that most of the stuff I listed above will be forgotten someday. Of course, the books will make it remembered by some. The songs will be remembered. The videos too. The videos changed the way music was done for a couple decades. Videos are going out of style somewhat now.

That got me thinking more about the lasting of The Bible. The Bible has lasted through many generations. The stories have lasted even longer. If you think about it, some of these stories are over 3500 years old. We know that everything in the Old Testament has passed the 2000 year marker. Most everything else in the Bible will pass that milestone by the end of the century. These stories have lasted.

If you were part of the people crossing the Red Sea, did you think that this would be remembered forever as significant? No one in Moses’ time was thinking book deal, yet this story stands to show the Israelites leaving Egypt.

How about when David put the beatdown on Goliath? A small boy that would later become king beat a giant with a rock and sling. It was something that didn’t happen everyday. I’m sure David would love to know that it was written down in history. Unfortunately, he probably wouldn’t be as proud of his failures with Bathsheba or when he lost men as a result of not having enough faith in God to deliver him.

What’s almost as remarkable about The Bible is that all these men were inspired to write down the events. With the advances in technology, every two bit hack with a computer and enough genius to spell their name right is blogging on the internet about the events of the day. The events of their days.

Yes, that is where we have come as a society. Going to school, to work, even to the grocery store can be interesting enough for us to write about. I’ve seen some pretty funny things. One guy wrote about his ant collection. Another of the countless hours listening to LaToya Jackson, which might earn him a free pass somewhere. Someone even had a group of pictures up of gum that he chewed five years ago. I couldn’t find the site today, but I laughed for several minutes when I found that one.

So in remembering, it comes down to us. What do we write about? What do we tell the stories about? Those are the things that will last a little longer. Will they be remembered forever? Who knows. But one thing is for certain. One thing that we can rest assured on is that we have a God that will not forget us. Once we confess our sins and accept the free gift that Jesus gives us, we get put in a book that will never be erased. The Lamb’s Book of Life. A book that promises us that we will be with our Father God for the rest of eternity.

I love you guys!

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