Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday: A Look at Ecclesiastes, Part 1

Hey gang!

It’s Wednesday and I decided that we’d take a look at another book Solomon wrote. Ecclesiastes is a book written at the end of his life and talks about the fact that even as wise as he was, he still needed God. When he walked without God, he struggled, just like all of us. I hope that this study of the book is enriching to you. Each week, we will take a chapter of the book and break down what Solomon is saying. Today is Chapter 1. Let’s begin.

Solomon begins by letting us know who is writing here. He calls himself the Teacher. As you might expect from someone with as much wisdom as Solomon, he probably was a very good teacher.

But he begins by telling us that everything is meaningless and begins a list of thoughts in verses 3-8 that tell us that he understands that in everything, things change. There is almost a depression type state telling us that men will not be remembered long term in history.

At verse 12, he begins talking about how wisdom is meaningless. Even in asking God for wisdom in 1 Kings 3, Solomon was a student. In verse 13, he tells us how much he studied and that it is burdensome to us to learn. He acknowledges in verse 16 that he has grown in wisdom more than anyone before him. This would also be true of anyone after him. He says in verse 17 that he studied understanding of wisdom and of madness and folly. He may sound like he studied the madness part a little too much.

Verse 18, he ends the chapter with a thought. “For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief.”

Think about that. Does getting smarter set us up for more sorrow and grief? By obtaining knowledge, will it make us sad?

I thought about Genesis after Adam and Eve ate the apple. There was separation because they were able to understand good and evil. It made them able to see the world like God, but not as God saw the world.

So is it better to not have wisdom? Let me have your thoughts on Ecclesiastes Chapter 1.

I love you guys!

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