Friday, September 18, 2009

Money series delayed! Pray for healing! The hour of coming together is NOW!

Hey gang!

I know that for the last two days that you have expected Part 7 of Money. However, life has a funny way of changing things.

One of the goals of One Man Revival is to stand alongside my local church to help in any way needed. These past two days, one of our pastor's wives has been in serious condition at a hospital. I can't tell you that I've been sitting in a hospital or galavanting everywhere to be of great aid.

What I've been doing is watching how my home church has come together in crisis. For two nights now, people have come to the church to pray for her healing and when I went tonight, I saw a list of over 75 people that have been a part. The impressive thing about this is that average, everyday church people came out of their homes on a Thursday and Friday night to pray. The general public would consider this their own time. But it didn't end there.

Today, most of the staff made the 2 hour drive to be with the family. People may think that it's no big deal. To me, the staff showed unity and love for their comrade's time of need. But again, it didn't end there. Another group of the church went to Springfield tonight to pray with and show their love and concern. Did I mention it was a 2 hour drive? On a Friday? But it didn't end there?

The internet gets criticized for being about mean and evil things all the time. However, the last two days have been a time of gathering together on the internet as well. I think everyone in the church is looking for Facebook status updates and Twitter tweets of good news and hope for Kim's recovery.

I know some of the information was misspoken by a few, but one of the good things is that as a church, we have found another way to use the prayer chain. Our goal is to strengthen the next generation for Christ and in these two days, we've strengthened and encouraged each other to hang in there and continue to pray for miracles to happen.

My friend Tyler gave a message on how we had to be a better church than that of the lukewarm church of Laodicea. We needed to show the people of Effingham and beyond that we are hungry for Christ to work and move in our church, homes, community and world.

I'm never a lover of tragedy, but this illness could serve a blessing. It has united many more members of our church to pray and seek God. It has opened a community of people to come together for a reason above themselves.

I said something totally off the wall to Daniel Drake and his dad tonight. I said I remembered how the people here in America came together after 9/11. They stood beside each other and were willing to watch each others' backs and be more caring and loving. Daniel's dad said back to me that this is our wake up call.

He's right. This is our 9/11. I know that sounds dramatic, but it's true. Our church is being called to stand and come together. To a large degree, it is happening. It is my prayer tonight that this doesn't go away once Kim gets better. Because Kim will get better.

The Old Testament speaks many times of how God relented of his wrath because his people called out to him to heal them and to heal their land. New Hope is crying out for healing. Not just for Kim, but for all of us.

Please continue to pray. Stay strong, stay together, continue to seek the One True God that can walk us through this trying time.

I love you guys!

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