Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Spiritual disciplines series begins next week, your thoughts please!

Hey gang!

I want to give you all something to think about. Starting next Tuesday or Thursday, we will begin a new series on spiritual disciplines. I’ll give you an overview of why we need them and how they can help us with our walk with God. However, I’d like to have some thoughts as to what spiritual disciplines you might want to begin with. I’ll list the categories and the disciplines under them. Then share your thoughts. I’d like to start where there would be some interest to you the reader since I am going through them all anyway. So here’s the list and give me your opinions!

Celebration, gratitude, holy communion, rule for life, Sabbath and worship

Opening Yourself to God:
Contemplation, examination, journaling, practicing the presence, rest, retreat, self-care, simplicity, slowing, teach ability, unplugging

Relinquish the false self:
Confession and self-examination, detachment, discernment, secrecy, silence, solitude, spiritual direction, submission

Sharing my life with others:
Accountability partner, chastity, community, covenant group, discipline, hospitality, mentoring, service, small group, spiritual friendship, unity, witness

Incarnate the love of Christ:
Care of the earth, compassion, control of the tongue, humility, justice, stewardship, truth telling

Breath prayer, centering prayer, contemplative prayer, fasting, fixed-hour prayer, inner-healing prayer, intercessory prayer, labyrinth prayer, liturgical prayer, prayer partners, praying scripture, prayer of recollection, prayer walking

OK, by picking one or several does not mean I will go through the entire group. Maybe we need to look at one within a group that people are struggling with or we may need to look at a group. Just post in the comments and let me know what you think. I am looking to help you as much as helping myself. This will be a fun teaching series in which we will all learn.

Thanks for giving me some feedback!

I love you guys!

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Andrea said...

Looking forward to your future posts.
Blessings, andrea