Sunday, January 31, 2010

Try Out the New Prayer Request Gadget (over there ------>)

Hey gang!

It's Sunday morning and I am at home with two kids that are fighting through sickness. My son James has diarrhea, which is mostly water, and my little Maggie has a sore throat with green stuff coming out of her nose. My oldest daughter, Megan, hasn't caught it yet, but probably will since she is doing her Florence Nightingale impression and being Nurse Megan to the other two.

Anyhow, I wanted to write this little note to let you know of a new piece of gadgetry to join the page. It is a prayer request gadget and it lets you put in your prayer requests so people can come to the page and pray for your needs. You can also hit the left and right arrow keys and see all the prayer requests that are there. This also means that if prayer gets answered, you can also praise Jesus there as well. I really encourage that because if one person sees that prayer is answered, they are more likely to put a request up and believe in the power of prayer being answered.

Remember, tomorrow we are starting a series on prayer disciplines and we are also continuing with spiritual gifts intermingled in there too. So thanks for reading, keep responding and letting me know what you are thinking about the posts, the website and the new features.

I love you guys!

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Andrea said...

Hope your family is well, soon.
Blessings, andrea