Monday, February 22, 2010

Blood Done Signed My Name: Movie Trailer and a thought or 2

Hey gang!

I know I've been MIA this week, but I'll explain that in my next post later today. I got a request to share a new movie released in select theaters this past weekend that will move nationwide with a little help from you.

The movie is called Blood Done Signed My Name. The movie is directed by Jeb Stuart. You've heard that name before? Here's what he's done that you might know. He wrote and produced Die Hard, the Bruce Willis hit movie, and The Fugitive, starring Harrison Ford. It also stars Ricky Schroeder. Remember Silver Spoons? Yeah, that's him. Also, if you remember NYPD Blue more recently, he was part of that show.

Name quality alone shouldn't get you to want this movie. The movie does share racial tensions in the early seventies after the shooting of an African American Vietnam vet. Schroeder plays the lead role of North Carolina preacher Vernon Tyson. There is a book of the same name written by his son, Tim Tyson.

The cool part of this movie is that an important fact is often dismissed when talking about racial progress, the role of the church helping that along.

I encourage you to see the movie or ask your local theater to bring it to your town. After seeing the trailer and thinking about the name of the movie and how that name has a special meaning. One of the black characters of the movie said the line as he was talking about how this murder affected the racial tensions of the time, "Blood Done Signed Our Name."

Think about that for a moment Christians. As true as that comment was in the days of the setting of this movie, isn't it also true for us. The actor was sharing that this shooting of murder affected how the people reacted to life afterward, furthermore how they reacted to people afterward. When Jesus died on the cross, He died for our sins with His blood. Is it not true then that His Blood also done signed our names. Anyone who calls Jesus Lord of All is confessing that fact.


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